Monday, January 16, 2012

NEW BRIGADE - Iceage (2011)

Hailing from Denmark, Iceage is a very young punk band that burst upon the music scene in 2011 with this jagged, adrenalized shard of a debut.

01/16/2012 First Impressions: Clocking in at just over twenty-five minutes, the hard-charging, low-fi, muddy feel of the record suggests a kinship with California no-fi acts such as No Age and Abe Vigoda, but the raw, herky-jerky rhythms and blue collar, slightly guttural, melodic vocals reference a more British punk tradition, recalling the feel of acts as wide-ranging as The Clash, Wire, Gang Of Four, These New Puritans, and The Futureheads.  I'm digging the overall energy and initial standout tracks White Rune, Collapse, and You're Blessed, but as with most music this assaulting, the remainder of the material is difficult to make much sense of after just one pass.  Anticipated recommend status at this stage...a high mild, but first listens are often misleading, and I sense this album has a chance to rise significantly by the sixth and final listen.

Projected Status After One Listen: Mild Recommend.

Cherry Picker's Best Bets After One Listen: White Rune, Broken Bone, Collapse, You're Blessed.

Here's a montage of tour moments set to the album version of You're Blessed.

Component Breakdown After One Listen:
1. Intro - ?
2. White Ruin - 7 or 8
3. New Brigade - ?
4. Remember - ?
5. Rotting Heights - ?
6. Total Drench - ?
7. Broken Bone - 7 or 8
8. Collapse - 7 or 8
9. Eyes - ?
10. Count Me In - ?
11. Never Return - ?
12. You're Blessed - 8 or 9
Intangibles - ?
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What are your thoughts on Iceage's New Brigade?

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