Sunday, May 29, 2022

McQ's Best Of 2021 Mix Collection

McQ's #1 Album - Promises

As with last year, McQ's Best Of... is going with just two longer mixes to promote the best music of 2021, starting with our standard Best of the Best, once again in the three hour range, and then a long Volume 2 - The Next 106 - to round out the overall song inclusions to a nice even 150. 

Click on the title just below to get to the Volume 1 write-up. Otherwise, let's get on to the music,  


Nancy and I's selections representing the 44 best albums and/or singles we heard in 2021.

Volume 2 - The Next 106

While there's no write-up for this secondary mix, and I encourage listeners to attack this bad boy however they want, I do want to point out that unlike Next 100 mixes of past years, this 2021 edition has been carefully sequenced and basically breaks down into five sub-mixes.    

Tracks 1 - 23 Rock and Indie
          24 - 45 Electronica/R&B/Hip Hop
          46 - 64 Punk/Post-Punk
          65 - 82 Contemporary Pop 
          83 - 106 Easy Listening

Also just a quick Spotify note - their window player only allows 100 tracks at the moment, so click on the Play on Spotify link that comes up on their window to get to the full 106.  Or click here.