Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Daily Listenings 01/04/2011

Got my first listen to John Grant's Queen of Denmark this morning and found myself pleasantly surprised.

The album didn't make many year-end lists, but I can see how it did rank quite high on the few that it did.

Backed throughout by Midlake, it's got a homey 70s soft-rock sound with a rich orchestration on some numbers, and reminds me of Ringo Starr's solo debut, of all things, with it's easy going nature and very funny, unforced self-deprecation.

Definitely worth checking out if it sounds like it's in your wheelhouse.

And onto another subject near and dear to my heart, sounds like we could have the 2011 Coachella lineup out within the week.  Will probably end up dragging out another couple weeks, but either way, can't wait, and have my fingers strongly crossed that when it is revealed The Rolling Stones will be topping the Marquee.

Speculation at moment points to Daft Punk, Arcade Fire, Beastie Boys, REM, Neil Young as other most likely headliners and sub-headliners.

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