Saturday, April 16, 2011

Coachella Day 2 Live Updates

3:00 pm - amazing start to day. Just one great young indie act after another, playing their hearts out. DAy opener The Love Language with their Walkman like vibe best of day, but Freelance Whales and Thao with the Get Down Stay Down also great, as is TAllest Man On Earth, whom I'm catching now.

5:00 pm - just keeps getting better today! Tallest Man wonderful in opening four tracks I caught, and the Foals - Holy shit can those boys play! Set of the weekend so far, an absolute Monster.

After that Radio Dept. Sounded sweet, though as navel-gazing live as one would expect given their music, and Delta Spirit just closed their set with rollicking renditions of Trashcan and Children. Grabbing a Beer a chilling to Erykah Badu then on to Glasser!

9:25 - things finally losing steam, but not before three other excellent sets. Glasser was a let down. Lead Singer Cameron Mesirow has a voice and arty vibe to justify comparisons to Florence, but not a fourth of her personality. Still very cool how the band routes 90 percent of it's sound through a midi pickup on guitar. Apply and Home, their debut's best two tracks were excellent, but overall a pretty one note show.

After that Both Broken Social Scene and Elbow both killed. Surprisingly, the tracks off BSS's maligned latest played best, though Shoreline off their '05 self- titled was fantastic as well. Band just exudes a great communal vibe live.

Elbow was eager to play material off their ballad heavy new release, but managed to turn them into epic anthems. Rest of setlist was fantastic and set closer One Day Like This probably my favorite single song of fest so far.

Caughts just a smidge of Bright Eyes, not enough to comment, but Kills have definitely up their game from their already solid '09 set.

Wire sounded solid, but band was exuding the excitement of a band there to collect a paycheck rather than a band with a new album to promote.

BAD up no so far and have been hit and miss. Great opener, and E=mc2 playing as I Type

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