Friday, April 15, 2011


Hey Everyone,

Not sure this is going to work, but going to try to update this page from my iphone over the weekend with brief comments on various sets.  It's 5:45 am...quick shower, make breakfast for the kiddos, then hitting the road.  Should be in Indio by 10-10:30.  Will see what kind of delays enhanced road security has caused when I get there.  Hopefully not so bad that I miss Miguel at noon.

Not nearly as good a start as last year. Miguel cheese ball mix of Usher / Journey.

Tokimonster strong, as was Rural Alberta Advantage. Hurts kinda flat. But Japans New Pant surprise great set of early afternoon! Black Joe ripping now!

5:50 pm - Black Joe Lewis set of day 1 so far by a mile. Titus andronicus and Warpaint also really strong. Cee Lo came out 25 minutes late playing the Diva, but the man won in the end pulling power on him after just 4-5 songs ( good ones though... Bright lights, crazy, F--- You!). Cee Lo not a happy Camper. Tame Impala up next.

1:00 AM Saturday - Friday Evening collection of huge hits and almost misses round out Friday into a solid but hardly most memorable day in event's history.

On positive side Cut Copy and Robyn killed. Haven't seen a crowd as balls-out into as as Cut Copy since Beirut in '09. Just overall great set list, good sound, great energy. Robyn got most of her weaker more techno tracks out of the way early, closing with a rush of some of her best earnest, ridiculouly hooky popsongs. I think Indestructible, Be Mine, Hang With Me, And With Every Heartbeat too close.

Of other evening acts, Tame Impala did a great job translating their very tricky songs live , and their closing track, a new song, was Awesome, buy overal set was a little sleepy and their live drummer not nearly as string as that on their debut album.

Crystal Castles not nearly as bad live as anticipated, but not great either. Definitely and album artist.

Chemical Brothers were decent, with some very interesting coordinated lights/video to go with show, but didn't really pull me in.

Like Cee Lo, Lauren Hill went on way late, but handled her reduced time much better, and was surprisingly excellent.

Interpol and Kings Of Leon were straight-up bores.

Think biggest theme of Day 1 is Goldenvoice got control back of the crowds, now if they can just get control of the artists. More late starts and meltdowns (Ariel Pink supposedly really lost it) than I've ever experienced in a single day before. Now on to day two!

Keep checking back!

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