Sunday, April 17, 2011

Coachella 2011 Day 2 Part 2

As I was trying to say, E=mc2 cool moment.

Animal Collective one of most bizarre sets I've ever seen. After getting sucked in by a wild light showing people were literally fleeing for their lives once band started working it's often inscrutable brand off experimental pop. I hated the opening twenty minutes, found rest of set interesting but look to see it called out as a huge fail in press other than at Pitchfork, which has it's identity too.tied to AC to give an honest review.

Arcade Fire lived up to it's headliner status. Maybe not as strong as Foals or Elbow overall, but damn close. Fine end to an excellent day. Even brought a gimmick I've never seen before, dropping hundreds of huge remote controled beach balls onto crowd late in set that the changed colors with rest of lighting design for rest of show.

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