Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The 2015/1967 Countdown - 10/19/2016 Update

Today, we return to our 2015 Women Who Rock mix one last time before jumping into our 2015/1967 countdown proper, and listen to a cut that had it been released a few years earlier, would have been an absolute natural for the Juno soundtrack.

Ideal World is the opening cut and my favorite track from LA teenage electric guitar and bass duo Girlpool's fine full length debut Before The World Was Big. Produced by Swearin'/Waxahatchee's Kyle Gilbride, the music on Before The World Was Big is full of humor, teen-angst and punkish-brio (though at a fraction of punk's volume), and while it feels deeply indebted to the work of 90s female trailblazers such as Julianna Hatfield and Liz Phair, it nonetheless also feels very much a part of this particular moment in time.

Well worth checking out for those who like their indie rock spare and and with a fair smattering of quirk!

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