Saturday, October 15, 2016

The 2015/1967 Countdown - 10/15/2016 Update

We're getting very close to the actual start of our countdown, so today, we're going to do a bit of punk house cleaning, quickly spotlighting five punk acts featured on our 2015 Coachella Starters mix.

Historically, Coachella always has a strong punk presence, as festival founder Paul Tollett cut his teeth as a Los Angeles punk promoter and his ties to the punk community run very deep, but even along the festival's normal booking trends, 2015 featured a heavier than normal punk lean.

From the classic-styled Brit-punk of the Jarman Brothers-anchored The Cribs (Chi Town), to the dronier post-punk stylings of their Leeds-based compatriots The Eagulls (the awesome Possessed), to Chicagoland bad-boy act The Orwell's (Let It Burn) and youthful Orange County-based punk-poppers Joyce Manor (Christmas Card), punk was everywhere on the 2015 bill.

Even artists not principally associated with punk, such as indie folkster/alt-countrier and Bright Eyes founder Connor Oberst, chose to appear in 2015 in their most aggitational form - in Oberst's case bringing back his aggressive, early years punk side-project Los Desaparecidos (The Left Is Right).

Videos for all the featured songs from all five acts follow, though unfortunately, good performance videos with decent audio quality from the 2015 festival no longer exist.

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