Thursday, October 13, 2016

The 2015/1967 Countdown - 10/13/2016 Update

We're now down to a final twenty-seven songs to discuss before getting into our 2015/1967 countdown proper, so to keep things moving, we return today to our 2015 Coachella Starters mix, and a retro tune from one of the most eccentric and unique rappers working today.

Easy Rider comes to us courtesy of the Brooklyn-based, Wu-Tang Clan-loving, ex-chef Action Bronson, from his uneven but sometimes inspired full-length debut Mr. Wonderful.

Known for returning thematically time and again to songs that echo Bronson's passion for early east-coast gangster rap but that seem more preoccupied with tales of world travel and the culinary delights of various regions, this album closer cops a pyschedelic biker groove intentionally reminiscent of the counter-culture film classic with which it shares its name to send Bronson out into the sunset once again in search of further adventure, trouble, and of course, his next meal.

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