Sunday, May 28, 2017

McQ's #62 Song Of 2015 - QUEEN OF PEACE - Florence & The Machine

Landing in the #62 spot of our top songs of 2015 countdown, Florence & The Machine's Queen Of Peace.

A world class belter, it's been said of Welch that the strength of her voice, and the primary source of its appeal, lies not in her vocal dexterity, but in the power of her single note sustains, and no song puts that strength to better use on the band's return-to-form third LP How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful than this surging, orchestral heartbreaker, my favorite among many strong tracks from the album, where Welch draws out a middle note in each line of the chorus to thrilling effect.

Here's the official video for Queen Of Peace and the song that follows it on the album, Long and Lost.

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