Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Daily Listenings - 06.02.09

At some point, I'm going to have to set down my ridiculously anal listening system that I use to plow through about 125 new albums a year.

For now, though, just some thoughts on what I caught today.

Still working through backlog of 2008 releases, will probably continue at least through September, which sucks, because 2009 seems to be positively exploding...can't remember last time Metacritic had so many 80 plus current titles in the sort by score column.

Laura Marling's Alas, I Cannot Swim for breakfast...probably will end up getting a Solid, but damn, how old is this girl...18? Impressive.

Back half of Paul Weller's 22 Dreams, Franz Ferdinand's new one, and front third of Lykke Li's Youth Novels during commutes. 3rd listen for all three, all also feeling like Solid's, with Novels the most interesting, and well...novel in it's best moments. Tonight definitely feeling like the weakest of Franz's three releases, though still a number of solid to excellent tracks. Dreams very eclectic, but Weller's always struck me as Jack-of-all-trades-Master-of-none type, and this album supports that...a vast array of decent to good tracks, but only a couple even knocking on excellence's door.

Why's Alopecia tonight doing the dishes...another solid overall, not crazy about their rap songs, but best four/five pop tracks on this one...Fatalist Palmistry, The Hollows, These Few Presidents, The Vowels Pt. 2, Torpedo's and Crohn...all fantastic. Such a winning, quirky sound.

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