Thursday, September 22, 2016

The 2015/1967 Countdown - 09/22/2016 Update

Today, we cut back to our 2015 Circuit Teasers mix, and take a listen to the latest from one of the most popular electronic festival acts of the last decade.

Love Is The Future is my favorite of many likeable singles from endearing British Electro-Pop/Funk act Hot Chip's sixth full-length release Why Make Sense?.

Continuing in the vibe of previous efforts, Why Make Sense? finds the band again celebrating the joys and benefits of committed, long-term romantic relationships. So to keep things fresh this time out, they took a much more relaxed, spartan approach to the music, recording the album in just four days and with a minimum of layered instrumental or vocal overdubs.

The result in the loosest, "live-est" feeling record of their career and another winning addition to their already very solid discography. In addition to Love Is The Future, (which won its spot on this mix primarily due to those goofy/funky backing vocals), I also highly recommend catching the songs Need You Now, Huarache Lights, and Dark Night.

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