Sunday, September 18, 2016

The 2015/1967 Countdown - 09/18/2016 Update

All right, so we're now a few month into the preliminary phase of our 2015/1967 countdown.

By my count, after this post today, we will have 52 songs left to get to that were included in our 2015/1967 mix collections but will not be represented in either album or single form in any of our countdowns before we can get to the countdowns proper.

I'll try to start doubling and tripling up profiles when time and thematic emphasis for the day allows, but for today, we look at just one track, another fascinating electronic number featured on our 2015 Dream Weavers mix.

Hailing from London, England, Ghost Culture is the performing/recording name for young studio engineer/DJ James Greenwood, who with his self-titled debut became one of the latest roster editions to the highly influential electronic music label Phantasy.

Very much in the flavor of Dan Snaith's Caribou, but with a darker, post-punkish vocal-vibe, I've chosen the debut's fantastic first track Mouth, originally released as a single in 2013, to represent here. With its eerie, glitchy opening build that's both haunting and dreamlike, it felt like the perfect track to start off this mix, though another favorite track from the album that didn't make our collection, Guidecca, might have served almost as well.

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