Tuesday, May 23, 2023

McQ's Best Of 2022 Mix Collection

Here we go again, music fans.  

The best eleven hours and thirty-four minutes of music Nancy and I heard in 2022.  Broken up for you in three different ways.  

As always,  enjoy!

Though a few of the year's best stand-alone tracks are included (Confidence Man's Feels Like A Different Think, Harry Styles' As It Was, Anais Mitchell's Little Big Girl, and Kula Shaker's Whatever It Is (I'm Against It)), most of the selections here, while great tracks in their own right, are included foremost as representative tracks from 2022 best albums.  And be sure to click on the mix title above to access the annual write-up.

For those who'd prefer to start with a shorter, less broad-ranging listen, Vol 1B - The Tight 90 whittles down Volume 1A to its twenty-one most essential tracks.

The next best 106 tracks we heard in 2022 are gathered here in this sprawling, loosely sequenced mix. Attack it however you see fit.

Also just a quick Spotify note - their window player only allows 100 tracks at the moment, so click on the Play on Spotify link that comes up on their window to get to the full 106.  Or click here.

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