Sunday, January 30, 2022

McQ's Favorite Albums Of 2022

McQ's Best Of will be updating its best of 2022 album rankings throughout 2022 and 2023, also updating which albums are in the listening pool below.  The Weeknd's engaging, 80s infatuated, Jim Carrey-starring Dawn FM opens this year's rankings 

Highest Recommends
None to date

Strong Recommends

None to date

Solid Recommends

1. Dawn FM - The Weeknd

Mild Recommends
None to date

2022 Albums In The Pool (number of listens in)

Anais Mitchell (3)
Ants From Up Here (2) - Black Country, New Road
Dragon New Warm Mountain (1) - Big Thief
The Overload (4) - Yard Act
Tilt (1) - Confidence Man

Last Updated 04.14.22

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