Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mum About Mumford & Sons - Live at the Hollywood Palladium October 18, 2010

Okay, let me just cop to it.  This is going to be one lame concert review.

I wasn't planning on attending the Mumford and Sons show October 18th at the Hollywood, Palladium.  Though I have recent release Sigh No More on my to-get list, I have yet to pick it up, and I had very little familiarity with their material at the time of this show.  But I got a call from my good friend Craig who happened to have an extra ticket, I work just a block from the Palladium, and you know the rest.

We got their early, and unfortunately, I was one of those awful LA concert goers I've complained so much about in other posts.  Hadn't seen Craig in a while, was more interested in having a drink and catching up than paying attention to the two lackluster warm up acts, and by the time Mumford came on, I was pretty well snookered.

As far as the show went, being unfamiliar with their tracks, I can only speak in generalities, but here goes. 

They're a winning live band, tons of enthusiasm and energy, and really play to the crowd.  Though working a more traditional UK-folk angle than The Avett Brothers, that's the band I would say they're most similar to live.

Can't say I was blown away by their material however...some of the songs were quite good, a few excellent, but all and all, there's a definite genericism to this band's sound that may be hard for them to overcome.

Still, the crowd seemed to love it, including the guy or gal who scammed this awesome video of the night's best song, their biggest hit Little Lion Man.  Enjoy, and sorry again, wish I had more for you on this one.

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