Friday, August 12, 2016

The 2015/1967 Countdown - 08/12/2016 Update

Today, we turn our attention to our Bigger In Britain mix, which is focused on 2015 acts, both foreign and domestic, that were better received in the UK than they were here in the states, and touch on the most recent solo effort from UK legend and former Jam / Style Council frontman Paul Weller.

Weller's third act as a solo artist has now gone on for almost twenty-five years, and despite that longevity, Weller's last decade, starting with 2008's expansive 22 Dreams, has been very fertile.

His 2015 release Saturn's Pattern keeps his recent winning streak alive, but whereas his previous few full-length outings have all been marked by a sweeping eclecticism, here Weller hones in on a loose, jammy,  psychedelic soul vibe and sustains the feel throughout the bulk of the record.

It's not an album marked by grand lyrical statements or home run tracks, but it's a very easy album to like, and Pick It Up, the track we choose to include in the 2015 collection, is a perfect representation of the album's overall feel.

Here's the Martin Freeman starring official video.

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