Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The 2015/1967 Countdown - 08/10/2016 Update

Today, we turn to hip-hop and two tracks included on our Black Music, Circa 2015 mix -  Holy Ghost and L$D, both of which come to us courtesy of young New York rapper and key A$AP mob member A$AP Rocky, from his critically well-received, chart-topping sophomore studio release At.Long.Last.A$AP.

Album opener Holy Ghost isn't one of the mega-selling album's biggest hits, but it's definitely one of its best tracks, an urgent, gospel-stoked condemnation of profiteering preachers that can also be interpreted as a nod to the premature passing of Rocky's close friend and one of the album's primary producers, A$AP mob founder Steven Rodriguez (aka A$AP Yams), who died before the album's completion of an accidental drug overdose.

And as awesome and impactful as that song is, L$D from the album might be even better.

A trippy, low-key, melodic number that seems stylistically in tune with much of rapper Future's 2015 work (though coming from a much more positive place), it suggests that of all the hallucinogenics out there, nothing delivers a better mind-altering high than sex.

Take a listen.

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