Friday, August 5, 2016

The 2015/1967 Countdown - 08/05/16 Update

Today the Best Of 2015 Volume 2 - Women Who Rock mix page has been update with a few brief thoughts on Chelsea Wolfe's Carrion Flowers from her potent 2015 full-length release The Abyss.

Setting her dark, gothic vocal stylings against the hardest hitting music of her career, a sometimes intoxicating, sometimes horrifying swirl of industrial and black metal influences, Wolfe really  captured some essence of the contemporary horror zeitgeist with the album, and Carrion Flowers itself ended up being one of the most licensed tracks by any musical artist in 2015 - landing in a number of commercials, movie/television trailers (including an add for the Walking Dead spin-off Fear The Walking Dead), and video games.

Here's the official video for the track that caught so many gloom masters fantasy.

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