Sunday, December 23, 2018

McQ's Best Of 1977 Mix Collection

Good Lord, 1977!

While it's not my absolute favorite rock year (1967 gets that nod), 1977 may have produced the  deepest batch of truly great rock albums of any year in the genre's history (with 1969, which we will revisit in 2020, seeming like the only genuine challenger)!

Not only that, it was also one of the 20th century's deepest years in the guilty pleasures department - producing as many albums and songs of dubious merit that were nonetheless endearing as any year I can remember.

So needless to say, there was a cornucopia's worth of material to pull from in our celebration of one of rock 'n' rolls most significant and dramatically transitional years.

For those of you with an interested in how we rank 1977's albums from a 2018 perspective, click here.

Otherwise, just dive in and enjoy the music on these fifteen mixes.

You can access all the Spotify links from this page, or if you want more info  on the artists and songs, click on mix title to get to each mixes detailed breakdown page.

As we usually do, starting out with McQ's mix of his very favorite singles (and representative cuts from his very favorite albums) of 1977.

And we follow that with Nancy's picks for her favorite 1977 songs.

The bulk of the UK side of 1977's punk explosion gets it's due here. 

Followed by the Yanks, early New Wavers, and pub rockers on both sides of the Atlantic that help make 1977 arguably the greatest year in punk history. 

1977, lead by by Bob Marley, Culture, The Heptones, The Congos, Peter Tosh, ubiquitous producer Lee "Scratch" Perry, and many others, was also one of classic reggae's greatest years, and much of that greatness is included here. 

Bowie, Iggy, Eno, Kraftwerk, Jean-Michel Jarre and a few other pioneering artists lead the way on this exploration of what was considered highly experimental in the day but now may be 1977's most enduring sonic legacy. 

1977's classic roadhouse and bar band numbers, as well as a few outstanding pub rockers, all get their moment here.

Oh, yeah, 1977 was disco's biggest year also.  This mix compiles most of the genre's most notable hits. 

And part 2 takes a look at the 1977 disco's best extended length tracks. 

'77 metal reveals itself in all it's inane glory here. 

Parliament, Earth, Wind & Fire, The Commodore, The O'Jays and others show us that while disco was king in 1977, Funk was still a player on the dance floor. 

We conclude with a three mix celebration of 1977's less reputable classics, starting with this mix here that focuses on the year's pop, cross-over country and sappy ballad hits.  

Then 1977's immensely popular album-oriented rockers make their mark in Volume 13. 

And finally, we close out this year's themed mixes with a celebration of some of 1977's best soft-rock classics. 

Volume 15 - The Next 100

Was your favorite song of 1977 left out?  It might be on this mix here. In no particular order, here are the next 100 tunes I was considering for these 1977 mixes.

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