Wednesday, December 12, 2018

McQ's Best Of 2017 Mix Collection

All right! 2017!

Though not an elite music year by any stretch, when looked at from the standpoint of the year's best 100 albums, not just it's top 10, 2017 proved to be one of the richest, most varied, and deepest music years of this decade - hence the super expensive size of this year's collection.

For those with an interest on how McQ rated 2017's albums, click here.

Otherwise, enjoy these mixes, and know that clicking on the individual mix titles will take you to a detail page that really gets into the specifics of each song we've included here in this celebration of the best of 2017.

McQ's choices for the very best singles and top tracks from the most significant albums of 2017.

2017's most intimate female sing-songwriter, folk, alt-country, and indie fare are presented here on McQ's personal favorite mix of the entire 2017 collection.

So many of last decade's top indie acts were back with a vengeance in 2017.  This mix focuses on those veteran indie superstars with a rock lean to their sound. 

2017's best funk, jazz, and international music get their due here! 

Returning to those indie veterans of 2017, this mix celebrates those awesome lifers, and a few younger guns, with an electronic lean to their rock. 

2017's best straight-forward, no frills rock and hard rock efforts are the emphasis here. 

This mix combines songs from some of the best undercard acts Nancy and I caught at the 2017 and 2018 Coachella festivals.

Our first ever all ambient mix highlights a few of the most notable tracks in a rich year for the genre. 

Shoegaze, Industrial, Pysch Rock - the best 2017 efforts from rock acts that like to bury their melodies in layer after layer after layer of instrumentation, feedback, and noise are featured here 

2017's best Rap and Grime efforts (as McQ sees it, not the critics or general public) are featured here. 

Most of 2017's sharpest political songwriting is featured here on this post-punk centered mix. 

The lighter, easy listening counterpart to Vol 9 - Thick and Fuzzy features 2017's best efforts in the dream pop, slack rock, and bedroom pop genres.  

Some of 2017's best Post-Rock and Experimental Rock and Electronica get their due here. 

McQ's favorite 2017 Pop and R&B chart toppers are highlighted here. 

2017's strongest Country, Alt-Country, Roots-Rock and Indie-Folk efforts all get their moment here. 

Some of 2017's most interesting efforts from the electronic genre's more cerebral, less dance-oriented artists are spotlighted here.   

2017's best, super bouncy Punk Pop and Eno lead the way here in a mix designed to play like the soundtrack to a fictional High School Musical/Rock And Roll High School movie. 

Volume 18 - Nancy's Favorites!

Always a fan favorite, Nancy reveals those 2017 tunes that appealed to her most.

Bonus Mix - The Next 100

Was your favorite song of 2017 left out?  It might be on this mix here. In no particular order, here are the next 100 tunes I was considering for these mixes

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