Saturday, October 2, 2010

OPTION PARALYSIS - Dillinger Escape Plan (2010)

The You Decide category is reserved for albums I don't feel comfortable giving a ranking to, usually because the band is anchored in a genre I just don't like...and I am straight up about not liking just about any genre dominated by thrash aesthetics and guttural, screaming vocals (basically all of modern metal and hardcore punk).

But I include Dillinger Escape Plan here because although I don't particularly care for the bulk of their insanely intricate, unbelievably aggressive metalcore material, this is band that never shies away from taking wild, out-of-left-field chances, and when they drop it down a notch, the results...whether it be this album's Widower or previous release Ire Works' Milk Lizard...are often incredible.

So a huge thumbs up here from me for Widower and album closer Parasitic Twins. I leave the analysis of the rest of the album's material for those who actually enjoy contemporary metal.

Status: You Decide.

Component Breakdown:
1. Farewell, Mona Lisa - ?
2. Good Neighbor - ?
3. Gold Teeth On A Bum - ?
4. Crystal Morning - ?
5. Endless Endings - ?
6. Widower - 9
7. Room Full of Eyes - ?
8. Chinese Whispers - ?
9. I Wouldn't If You Didn't - ?
10. Parasitic Twins - 8
Intangibles - Low

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