Saturday, October 16, 2010

HIDDEN - These New Puritans (2010)

These New Puritan's Hidden is one of the more challenging and original releases of the year...mixing murky 80s-styled vocals, math and dance rock elements, thundering martial toms and dozens of orchestral instruments into a violent, militaristic, almost medieval-feeling non-rock stew that defies easy categorization.

I can't say it all worked for me. I didn't feel all these disparate elements consistently played well together, or that the album is particularly well sequenced, but this is still something the brave of ear should check out.

I guarantee, given it's uniquely inventive nature, that this is going to end up very high on some year end lists.

For the rest of us, definitely check out the battering centerpieces We Want War and Fire-Power, my personal favorite, the eerie, Xiu Xiu-ish White Chords, and the purely orchestral album opener Time Xone.

And on a side note, despite the lukewarm review here, I'm anxious to see this material live. Like I've already said, it doesn't all coalesce, but it is interesting.

Status: Mild Recommend.

Cherry Picker's Best Bets: Time Xone, We Want War, Fire Power, White Chords.

Component Breakdown:
1. Time Xone - 8
4. Hologram - 7
6. Fire-Power - 8
7. Orion - 7
8. Canticle - 6
10. White Chords - 8
11. 5 - 7
Intangibles: Above Average

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