Friday, January 5, 2001

McQ's Best Of 2013 Mix Collection

What can I say, friends, this year life just got in the way.

But after many delays, it's time to once again look back at some of the best musical moments from  the year that, some time ago...transpired.

In truth, 2013 was a down year, strong in the less accessible fringes and the ongoing psych rock movement, but otherwise weaker than normal across the board.

But even in the worst of years, there are always gems to be found, and Nancy and I have done our best to aggregate those songs that stuck with us here.

And hey, despite the lateness, summer listening is better than no listening at all, right?

So without further ado, I give to you McQ's Best Of 2013 Mix Collection.


Volume 1 - Best Of The Best:
We start 2013 the same way we have the last two years, with selects representing my favorite albums and singles of the year.

Volume 2 - Groovy:
As stated above, the ongoing psychedelic revival continued to show considerable legs.  Many of my favorite 2013 moments from this movement are included here.

Volume 3 - Earnest:
Though not devoid of humor, this eclectic mix focus primarily on those 2013 artists most known for their seriousness of intent and straightforward, heart-on-their-sleeves passion.  Oh, and it also rocks.

Volume 4 - Playful:
My favorite lighter electro-pop, punk-pop, indie-pop, and mainstream hip-hop/R&B moments of 2013.

Volume 5 - Creepy / Classless / Angry / Pissed:
A mish-mash of raging punk, decadent hip-hop, axe-to-grind confessionals, troubling art rock, and searing black metal...all things off-putting are celebrated here.

Volume 6 - Mild:
Where some of 2013's best folk, alt-county, yacht-rock, choral ambient, and singer-songwriter efforts get their due.

Volume 7 - Coachella Starters:
One of my favorite editions in our annual celebration of the lesser known international and up-and-coming artists that make the early hours of each Coachella festival such a joy.

Volume 8 - Textural Marvels:
My favorite mix of this year's collection.  It just felt like all the creative energy of the world music community was channelled towards the fringes this year, with no genre benefitting more than experimental electronica, which makes up a big portion of this mix.

Volume 9 - Nancy's Favorites:
With a few dynamite exceptions, Nancy's went very mellow this year, but her song choices couldn't be stronger.

Volume 10 - Goodnight, Sweet Prince:
A tribute to Velvet Underground founder Lou Reed.

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