Friday, January 5, 2001

McQ's Best of 2009 - Recommended Mixes Volume 4 - Skronk, Shimmer & Flow

My year's favorite electronica and noise rock went here. The Flaming Lips Embryonic, Fuck Buttons Tarot Sport, and Crystal Castles (2008) are essential purchases this year, rest of these tracks come from albums you'll want to further explore before making a commitment, thought the rest of Lindstrom CD is in exactly same vein as selection included here. Listen/Subscribe On Spotify!


Strong Recommends: Embryonic - The Flaming Lips, Tarot Sport - Fuck Buttons, Crystal Castles.

Mild Recommends: Where You Go I Go To - Lindstrom, Popular Songs - Yo La Tengo, Take My Breathe Away - Gui Boratto, Psychic Chasms - Neon Indian

1. Convinced Of The Hex - The Flaming Lips
2. Surf Solar - Fuck Buttons
3. Untrust Us - Crystal Castles
4. No Turning Back - Gui Boratto
5. Ephemeral Artery - Neon Indian
6. The Ego's Last Stand - The Flaming Lips
7. The Long Way Home - Lindstrom
8. Here To Fall - Yo La Tengo
9. Air War - Crystal Castles
10. Olympians - Fuck Buttons
11. Watching The Planets - Embryonic


Embryonic - The Flaming Lips: It's hard to reconcile these two thoughts: one, that this might be the year's best record, and two, that it reminds me of nothing more than the jazz oddesey "Puppet Show and Spinal Tap" scene from Rob Reiner's 80's classic...but both thoughts ring totally true. A collosal, oh-so-noisey experimental skronk fest, this heavy, bad-ass, Can-styled experimental rollercoaster is a complete 180 from the wimpy orchestral pop the band has been putting out for the last 14 years. Comprised of eighteen jammy, so-called "songs," it's about the ride and the vibe rather than individual tracks, but Soft Bulletin & Yoshimi fans be damned, I think it's the best album the Lip's have ever done.

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