Friday, January 5, 2001

McQ's Best of 2009 - Recommended Mixes Volume 6 - Girls, Girls, Girls!

Various female solo artists and female-fronted bands are profiled here.

Taking a page of out Nancy's book, I sequenced this one by genre, rather than my usual tendency to sequence for pacing and mood.

The first half is a fun dance mix brought to you by an assortment of contemporary potty-mouths and Madonnabes, the second half dives into a more eclectic assortment of challenging indie artists, and it's all bracketed by the fabulous and hard-to-pigeon-hole Florence And The Machine, my favorite female act of the year. Listen/Subscribe On Spotify!


Strong Recommend: Lungs - Florence And the Machine

Solid Recommends: It's Blitz! - The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, La Roux - s/t, Ladyhawke - s/t, Fantasies - Metric, My Maudlin Career - Camera Obscura

Mild Recommends: It's Not Me, It's You - Lily Allen, Snake - Wildbirds & Peacedrums, (A)spera - Mirah

Not Recommendeds: The Mountain - Heartless Bastards, This Is It.... - Marnie Stern, Vivian Girls - s/t

1. Dog Days Are Over - Florence And The Machine
2. Sick Muse - Metric
3. The Fear - Lily Allen
4. Fascination - La Roux
5. Paparazzi - Lady GaGa
6. My Delirium - Ladyhawke
7. Collect Call - Metric
8. Bulletproof - La Roux
9. Not Fair - Lily Allen
10. Crazy World - Ladyhawke
11. Kiss With A Fist - Florence And The Machine
12. The Sweetest Thing - Camera Obscura
13. Today/Tomorrow - Wildbirds & Peacedrums
14. The Crippled Jazzer - Marnie Stern
15. Soft Shock - The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
16. Early In The Morning - Heartless Bastards
17. The Forest - Mirah
18. Where Do You Run To - Vivian Girls
19. Between Two Lungs - Florence And The Machine
20. While We Have The Sun - Mirah


Lungs - Florence and the Machine: Without question my favorite female-fronted effort of 2009, this debut from the young, huge-voiced Brit is possibly the safest recommend of the year. Kind of a mix between Kate Bush artiness and Annie Lennox-styled spit fire vocals, but both cooler and simultaneously more accessible than either, this genre hoping album offers something for just about every one, and the crescendo's to some of the tracks are amazing. Caught her live at Coachella, and all I can say is, if you get a chance to catch this upstart, do not miss her. She's got the potential to be a major player for a long, long time.

La Roux - s/t: Winning dance-pop debut from androgynous young Brit with an already famous coif, not quite as awesome as fellow Madonnabe Robin's US debut from last year, but contains some undeniable party melodies nonetheless. Have included two tracks here, but Quicksand, I'm Not Your Toy, and As If By Magic are just as good.
Vivian Girls - Late 2008 release from leading female band in the no-fi punk movement was all the rage last year, and unlike No Age or Abe Vigoda, this trio of young art schools songs are actually tuneful. But like their male counterparts, the production is intentionally dreadful, rendering what should be catchy set of girl group surf punk tunes virtually unlistenable.

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