Friday, January 5, 2001

McQ's Best Of 2004 - Recommended Mixes Volume 2 - The Also Rans

I actually assembled this mix of 2004 releases with the 2005 batch to include some excellent titles I had missed the year before.  Populist hindsight suggests Arcade Fire's Funeral and Kanye West's The College Dropout were the biggest inclusions here, but at the time (and to this date) I was equally excited about Wilco's jagged A Ghost Is Born and American Music Club's dark (do they come in any other flavor?), political Love Songs For Patriots.

Overall, a mellower, edgier flavor to this one than 2004's Volume 1.



Highest Recommends: The College Dropout - Kayne West, Funeral - Arcade Fire.

Strong Recommends: A Ghost Is Born - Wilco, Love Songs For Patriots - American Music Club.

Solid Recommends: From A Basement On The Hill - Elliott Smith, Good New For People Who Like Bad News - Modest Mouse.

1. Horn Intro - Modest Mouse
2. The World At Large - Modest Mouse
3. Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) - Arcade Fire
4. Theologians - Wilco
5. School Spirit Skit 1 - Kanye West
6. Ladies And Gentleman - American Music Club
7. Pretty (Ugly Before) - Elliott Smith
8. Float On - Modest Mouse
9. Patriot's Heart - American Music Club
10. A Fond Farewell - Elliott Smith
11. School Spirit - Kayne West
12. School Spirit Skit 2 - Kayne West
13. At Least That's What You Said - Wilco
14. Wake Up - Arcade Fire
15. This Devil's Workday - Modest Mouse
16. Twilight - Elliott Smith
17. I'm A Wheel - Wilco
18. Home - American Music Club
19. Lil Jimmy Skit - Kanye West
20. Rebellion (Lies) - Arcade Fire
21. The Good Times Are Killing Me - Modest Mouse

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