Thursday, January 4, 2001

McQ's Favorite Tracks Of 2007

Hey Rock n' Roll Fans,

Here it is, the start of my list of favorite tracks of 2007!

Clicking on the song title will take you to either Amazon or my review of the album on which it originally appeared, allowing you to sample a portion of the track.

Last updated 12.30.2010


1. The Past Is A Grotesque Animal - Of Montreal:  Nothing impresses me more than when an artist, working in a medium specifically geared towards one of the five senses, can craft a piece that consistently produces a desired response in one of the other senses.  The Past Is A Grotesque Animal is such a song. 

Intended to replicate the feel of the nervous breakdown Of Montreal leader Kevin Barnes experienced after separating with his wife Nina, and employing no verse and no chorus, but simply a gnarly synthesizer bed, some mocking Sympathy For The Devil-inspired backing vocals, and a looping chord progression that never shifts but constantly spirals upward in tension through an unrelenting series of key changes, this song is nothing less than an actual panic attack put to record.  Sputtered phrases bounce off each other like escalating mantras for eleven and a half minutes, dwelling obsessively on fateful past moments and emotions, but refusing to let Barnes, or us, move beyond this emotional paralysis.  To listen to The Past Is A Grotesque Animal is to feel your head start to throb, your shoulders start to clench, your heart start to pound too fast.

The adjective "amazing" gets used too often, but here, it truly applies.

I've decided to go with a fan video as representative of this track, which takes a nice stab at visualizing some of this song's unique mechanics.


2. ??? - ???: ???.

3. ??? - ???: ???.

4. ??? - ???: ???.

5. ??? - ???: ???.

6. ??? - ???: ???.

7. ??? - ???: ???.

8. ??? - ???: ???.

9. ??? - ???: ???.

10. ??? - ???: ???.

11. ??? - ???: ???.

12. ??? - ???: ???.

13. ??? - ???: ???.

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