Friday, January 5, 2001

McQ's Best of 2004 - Recommended Mixes Volume 1 - Album Of The Year Contenders

Brit Pop dominated this, the first end of year mix I ever put together for friends, but despite the inclusion of now well-regarded classics like Franz Ferdinand and A Grand Don't Come For Free, the real gem here is Mark Lanegan's semi-autobiographical junkie lament, Bubblegum, which contains some of the grittiest, eeriest ballads I've ever heard (and some nasty, Queens of the Stone Age-styled rockers to boot).  It's one of the most underrated albums of the decade.

As the years have gone on, I've been working fewer songs from more artists into each individual year-end mix, but despite the heavy presence of just a few artists here, this mix has always held up.

Album links take you either directly to Amazon, or an album review once I have one up.  Enjoy!

Highest Recommends: Bubblegum - Mark Lanengan, Franz Ferdinand, A Grand Don't Come For Free - The Streets

Strong Recommends: Final Straw - Snow Patrol, The Libertines

Solid Recommend: Hopes and Fears - Keane

1. Can't Stand Me Now - The Libertines
2. Somewhere Only We Know - Keane
3. Hit The City - Mark Lanegan
4. Jacqueline - Franz Ferdinand
5. Chocolate - Snow Patrol
6. Fit But You Know It - The Streets
7. Don't Be Shy - The Libertines
8. Grazed Knees - Snow Patrol
9. The Dark Of The Matinee - Franz Ferdinand
10. Head - Mark Lanegan
11. Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way - The Streets
12. Darts Of Pleasure - Franz Ferdinand
13. Bedshaped - Keane
14. Tiny Little Fractures - Snow Patrol
15. Strange Religion - Mark Lanegan
16. The Ha Ha Wall - The Libertines
17. Dry Your Eyes - The Streets
18. Michael - Franz Ferdiand
19. Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking - Snow Patrol
20. Out Of Nowhere - Mark Lanegan
21. What Became Of The Likely Lads - The Libertines

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