Friday, January 5, 2001

McQ's Best Of 2004 Recommended Mixes

Hey Rock n' Roll Fans,

2004 was the first year I assembled one of these recommended collections, and as I wasn't such an obsessive completist back then, it's much smaller than subsequent collections.

But I think you'll find all of the albums represented on these two volumes here are still well worth checking out.

As always, each mix is designed to fit on a single 70MB CD at 128 Kb sample rate.  Here goes.

Volume 1 - Album Of The Year Contenders:
My first ever mix of this sort, includes multiple cuts from my early favorites, such as Mark Lanegan's Bubblegum, The Streets A Grand Don't Come For Free, Franz Ferdinand, as well as a few others.

Volume 2 - The Also Rans:
Assembled a year later to work in some '04s I hadn't gotten in on the first pass, The Also Rans was probably not the best title, considering it includes tracks from Arcade Fire's Funeral, Wilco's A Ghost Is Born, American Music Club's Love Songs For Patriots, Elliott Smith's From A Basement On The Hill, and several other fantastic albums. But hey, hindsight is 20/20. Either way, the songs on this mix rock.

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