Friday, January 5, 2001

McQ's Best Of 2009 Recommended Mixes

Hey Rock n' Roll Fans,

Here it is, the home page for my recommended 2009 mix collection. 

There's a ton of listening pleasure to be found in these ten volumes representing many of the best albums and singles from 2009 and late 2008.  I hope you enjoy.

01/01/2012 Update: All of McQ's Best Of 2009 mixes are now available on Spotify!   Please subscribe!

Volume 1 - Rise Of The Inscrutables:
In which highly experimental acts Animal Collective, Grizzly Bear, Dirty Projectors and their pals go slightly more accessible and win all manner of new fans in the process.

Volume 2 - Dark Was The Night:
In which Antlers, Fever Ray, Wild Beasts, The Horrors, The Walkmen and others deliver all manner of murky, chilling, or romantic late night sounds.

Volume 3 - 100% Fun:
In which The Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, Amadou & Miriam, Phoenix, Passion Pit, Late Of The Pier and other lively, spirited pop and dance acts strive to put a smile on your face.

Volume 4 - Skronk, Shimmer and Flow:
In which Flaming Lips, Crystal Castles, F--- Buttons and others deliver the year's most exciting electronica and noise rock.

Volume 5 - The Harder Stuff:
The year's best hard rock, metal, punk and rap get their due here.  Featuring the likes of  Japandroids, The Dead Weather, Raekwon, Future of the Left, Sunn O))) and a wide variety of other hard charging acts.

Volume 6 - Girls, Girls, Girls:
Several of the year's most promising female led dance, rock, pop, and folk acts make their appearance here.  Anchored by Florence and the Machine, also includes cuts from La Roux, Camera Obscura, Lady Gaga, Metric, and Wildbirds & Peacedrums among others.

Volume 7 - Mellow Fellows, Sweet-Souled Sirens, And Dust-Covered Dudes: 
The year's best alt-country, roots rock, folk, and singer/songwriter efforts are profiled here.  Includes cuts from Neko Case, Wilco, The Low Anthem, Andrew Bird, Bill Calahan, Alela Diane and many more.

Volume 8 - Dream Pop:
In which Memory Tapes, Atlas Sound, Mountains, Air France, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, A Sunny Day In Glasgow and other ambient, shoegaze, post rock and dream pop acts combine forces to produce the most unique mix in this year's collection.

Volume 9 - Viva La Mainstream:
In which all manner of more established or more mainstream-oriented, indie acts go for the general, crowd-pleasing moment.  Includes efforts from the likes of Green Day, Pearl Jam, Morrissey, U2, The Decemberists, Delta Spirit, and The Phantom Band and others.

Volume 10 - Nancy's Favorites:
An annual tradition in which my ridiculously supportive wife exacts her revenge by yanking many of my favorite tracks out of my mixes and putting them into hers.  A female, adult-contemporary-oriented alternate take on the year's best efforts.

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