Friday, December 31, 2010

WRITE ABOUT LOVE - Belle And Sebastian (2010)

Since the mid-90s, no band has done light, lilting, whimsical indie pop better or with more bouncing consistency than this beloved seven piece outfit based out of Glasgow. 

Write About Love, their most recent outing, does nothing to sour that reputation.

Dropping the adventurous left turn into glam-pop that defined 2006's The Life Pursuit, but continuing with that album's peppier attitude, Write About Love otherwise finds the group retreating back to those rich 60s pop textures...those fragile Odessey & Oracle structures and Forever Changes-styled brass excursions...that have defined the band since its inception.

Bright and vibrant, Write About Love is not a near-perfect classic like early releases Tigermilk or If Your Feeling Sinister, but is more than up to the task of serving up a satisfying, highly accessible listen to the band's cultishly devoted fans and newcomers alike.

Highlights include the charming opener I Didn't See It Coming, the gorgeous, slow-burning Norah Jones collaboration Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John, and my favorite, the quintessentially Belle & Sebastian  The Ghost Of Rockschool.

Status: Solid Recommend.

Here's the official video for I Want The World To Stop.

Component Breakdown:
1. I Didn't See It Coming - 8
2. Come On Sister - 8
3. Calculating Bimbo - 6
4. I Want The World To Stop - 8
5. Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John - 8
6. Write About Love - 6
7. I'm Not Living In The Real World - 6
8. The Ghost Of Rockschool - 9
9. Read The Blessed Pages - 7
10. I Can See Your Future - 8
11. Sunday's Pretty Icons - 7
Intangibles - Average

What are your thoughts on Belle & Sebastian's Write About Love?  Let readers know.

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